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Preparing you home for the photographer

How can I prepare the house?

Photography needs light! Make sure all the windows are clean (within reason - they don’t need to be sparkling), curtains and shutters are open, blinds are up.

Clear out the clutter!

Your house will look more spacious if you remove most of the general day to day clutter that we all live with:

• Make sure surfaces - table tops and benches have nothing on them except for the occasional functional or decorative object.
• Make sure the floors are free from kids toys - and big kids toys.
• If you have a lot of knick-knacks, as a rule of thumb remove half of them, and then half of the remainder as well!
• Take away furniture from rooms if you can - keep your best pieces out on display.
• Accommodation providers might like to set a place at a table, and/or have fruit and drinks on verandah tables to give more of a personal feeling. Having a couple of attractive bods on hand to add a personal feel is also a good idea. (Choose people that are likely to be your target audience). Adding people into the mix will also make the shoot longer.
•Take fridge magnets and post-its off the fridge.

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