real estate photography - process and processing

Real Estate Photo Processing and Retouching


In order to get the best out of your digtial photos they need to be “treated” or “processed”.

We shoot “RAW” images, which are the digital equivalent of negatives and its the processing of these files that produces the final image. Raw images can only be viewed by professional editing software - (and can be given to any professional designer) - so in order for you to view the images we can supply jpegs, which can be viewed on most computers. However we like to be involved in the process of choosing the final images - as often RAW files will appear too light or too dark or will have other aspects that are off-putting to the untrained eye - when in fact all of these things can be adjusted, corrected or “fixed”.

What is processing?

The digital negatives are adjusted using software (we use “lightroom” and “photoshop”). There are several stages:-
1) The colour and contrast are tweaked, the photos verticals and horizontals are straightened.
2) If necessary a couple of images are combined to give detail in the shadows or highlights where none is present in a single shot. (See the bottom picture on this page).
3) In studio shoots the background is removed or cleaned.
4) The photos are processed to give a specific look and feel.

Why is it so important?

Processing defines the look and feel of the photo; it can enhance an existing characteristic of a scene, to help capture a mood that is often missing in a photograph. In the digital age this is what separates photographers: to a large extent it IS photography - taking the photos is just the first step of the process. This is why we don’t like handing over the digital negatives without any processing.

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