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Time lapse Photography


fine art photography - timelapse

Time lapse is the process whereby film is exposed one frame at at time with an interval in-between each exposure. Its akin to animation, but used most frequently to reveal natural process that happen too slowly to be seen with the naked eye.

Most people have seen those budding flowers or decaying rodents, but time-lapse is just another filming technique to add to a filmmakers arsenal, like slow motion or dollying (moving the camera). The challange for a time-lapse cinematographer is not how to do time-lapse, but how to use it in a non-cliched, innovative way.

It is used breathtakingly in Ron Fricke's Film Barraka.

Time-lapse is not a complex technique; you do not need huge amounts of expensive equipment, and by its nature it is cheap on film! Why would you employ a specialist TLC (time-lapse cinematographer)?

Just as an animator translates tiny movements into realistic motion, so a TLC learns, by trial and error, what interval and exposure is needed to gain a specific effect, what will make interesting shots, and what won't. They learn the characteristics of film: how much extra exposure to give a film under which conditions, what interval goes with a certain panning speed.

About Gethin Coles

Gethin Coles is a filmmaker and photographer who specialises in urban/landscape time-lapse cinematography, and fine art landscape photography. His portfolio of film work is, however, wide-ranging covering Drama, Music video, party political broadcast, corporate video, and more... He is involved in film and video production as director and cinematographer. This Website will give you a quick tour of some of these projects, let you view footage and offer resources and links for the budding time-lapse cinematographer.

He currently lives and works in Australia

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