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Here you will find a few handy bits and pieces for making time-lapse-life easier.
This is a collection of 4 super-handy graphs that allow you to see how long it will take you to shoot a certain amount of film at a given interval/exposure. click here to download a pdf

Instructions: Lets say you're using an exposure of 5 seconds and an interval between the exposures of 10. Your total interval is therefore 15 seconds. Lets also assume that you want your shot to be 20 seconds long - thats 500 frames. (25 frames per second - assuming pal video transfer - multiplied by 20 seconds).

Look at the 1 to 20 second graph. Read up from the bottom until you hit the orange (500 frame) line and then read across to the number of minutes - for a 15 second interval your shot will take you 125 minutes.

more to come...
bottom bit