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Stock Footage Library

Originated on 16mm stock available on BetaSP immediately, and digi-beta by request. Mostly originated on 7245 50 ASA Eastman stock, will cut with super 16 footage (may need re-grading). The largest sections (where individual shots are not listed) are marked *.

Hand held muted shots of outback,
Slow-motion car panning,
Time-lapse from Car.
Water passes by (from boat) Frenetic pixellated time-lapse through streets
Rain c/u
Moon and clouds t/l - moon passes through frame
Sunset t/l with palm tree
Tropical scape with boats t/l
Stars t/l
Cumulous clouds building t/l - day
Seascape sunset
clouds pass t/l
Magenta Sunlight twinkling on water

Isle of Lewis, Winter*
Waves crashing, many different shots, normal speed, slow motion and time-lapse, wides and details
Foam details
Waves rolling in t/l wide
Standing stones at Calanais, normal speed and short t/l
Pan along cliffs & birds

Isle of Skye, Winter*
Time-lapse and normal speed shots of mountains including the Cuilins from Glenbrittle, Elgol, and Sligachen; the Queraing. Shots include snow-scenes. Weather ranges from snow to bright winter sunshine.
Time-lapse and slow motion shots of rivers, both wides and detail shots.
Time-lapse shots of beaches
Black and White shots of bays, cloudscapes both normal speed and time-lapse.
Tide coming in with moonlight t/l. Highlands (near Glencoe), Summer
Hills and pines, clouds rolling sun flare
Pan across mountains, time-lapse
Clouds unfurling between peaks, time-lapse
Several shots of mountains and river glens, time-lapse

Welsh lakes, mountains, rivers including detail of ripples & eddies, Waterfalls etc. Wide shots and details.
Includes snowdownia and surrounding areas.
Coastline shots.
Star trail t/l shots.

Avebury t/l pan
Sunset at avebury t/l Urban
Rain on a window, houses in background, normal speed and time-lapse
Van/car wheels turning assorted
Bristol - several Bristol street shots

Picadilly circus pan, normal and t/l
trafalgar square pan t/l
St pauls and clouds t/l
telephone box t/l
tower bridge pan t/l
Camden high street t/l & normal Shots of South London, including Peckham:
Time-lapse from rear of Car, day and night.
Busy South London Street, slow-mo and time-lapse
Time-lapse pans overlooking London City from Peckham
Urban structures with timelapse clouds

Panning across Arthur's Seat
Many shots of Edinburgh landmarks including Carlton Hill, Princess Street.
Crowds walking, Timelpase and slow motion.
Industrial shots, including scrap yard and colling tower timelapse.
The port of Leith

Pixellation on the main street (buildings and people)
Bikes & tram passes split with lamposts in the middle, slow mo
Canal: boat emerges under bridge s/m
Canal + boat t/l
Canal : pull focus to canal boat passing s/m
Biking people s/m focus pulls
Trams Passing
Timelaspe of crowds on canal bridge.
Canal t/l - boats whiz by

Typical East-European flats t/l night, and normal speed, day
Timelpase of lunar eclips (grainy)
Prague at dusk t/l
On the bridge - lights go on Catherdral
Several t/l and normal speed shots of the Jewish cemetery

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